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Thought Police Invade The Far Side

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I am proud to announce that - somehow - I have offended the Farcebook gods and have been cut off.  This must be a first for a non-terrorist site in Indonesia, since it is highly unusual for Indonesians to express politically-incorrect opinions.

Perhaps it was my ceaseless ridicule of Farcebook and its annoying thieving plagiarist owner, Mark Puckerberg.  I quite enjoy trashing the owner using his own product.

Like all fascist swine, though, they never tell you exactly what you did wrong.  Instead, they present a list of possible infractions and let your guilty conscience project its own sin onto the list.  This is a hallmark of Fascism, as any reader of Kafka will immediately understand.  The System makes an entire range of activities illegal, so that any given person and any given time has violated any given law.  Thus, you can be punished arbitrarily for any given infraction without ever being told exactly what you did wrong.

No great loss.  I have, or rather had, five Farcebook pages for various purposes.  The loss of one or another makes little difference, though it did provide an audience that I didn't reach with this blog or Twitter of YouTube.  Since I receive no revenue from my efforts on any of the outlets, the loss of one does nothing to hurt me.  One of the many reasons I chose not to monetize my efforts and become dependent on a revenue stream controlled by fascists.  Exhibit A: the YouTube producers who have had their legs cut off.

This kind of abuse and fascistic attempt to control free and unhindered speech is precisely why outlets like 4chan are so popular.  The poster is anonymous and there is no way to trace anything back to a source, and all posts eventually disappear of their own accord, so there is no history.  In this Kafka-esque world, it makes perfect sense, though in a sane world, anyone should be able to post anything under their own name and let the marketplace/peers judge the value of the content.

Puckerberg and his ilk like to call themselves the new media, but in effect they are nothing but an evolution of the gatekeepers of yore.  They sit atop their little ant hills, proudly controlling everything that goes in and out of their nest.  This is nothing but the high school group leader writ incredibly large.  They will set the standard for what is cool and acceptable, and if you want to stay in the group, you had better follow.

I am sure something will eventually happen to our Twitter account, as well.  Followers have shot up 25% just in the last week, probably due to the fact that we post news links combined with a healthy dose of sarcasm and satire.  The only real way to fight the bastards is to laugh at them.  It is the one thing they fear the most, because they take themselves far too seriously.

Eventually, these outlets tie themselves in knots of political correctness.  Take YouTube, for instance.  Advertisers complained that their ads were running against content they didn't like.  YouTube cut off the advertising stream, and suddenly no one - YouTube, advertisers or producers - were getting paid.  After all, the advertisers pay for eyeballs, and if the number of eyeballs drops precipitously, then what's to pay for?

The net effect was to strengthen the producers, who were forced to find their own advertisers and get crowd funding direct from consumers (see our Patreon link top right).  The entrepreneurial individuals are now beholden only to their consumers and direct advertisers, making them out of reach to the fascists, except to cancel accounts.

By the way, we are proud to say Google demonetized us six years ago, long before the current wave.  We were, and still are a leader in pissing off the powers that be.

The problem with things like political correctness is that, once you begin telling folks that they can't say certain things, the list will always continue to grow, until no one can say anything.  After all, we have all met folks who get offended by the simplest pleasantries.  Look at Ebeneezer Scrooge!

In the meantime, we do well to remember the immortal words of Henry David Thoreau:
"There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

And the fight goes on.

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